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KPF Group Oy –Lakitoimisto KPF


Legal services to create value

Legal services for companies and consumers. 

KPF is a law firm with a wide range of expertise in different fields of law and consulting, which we use to solve your problems. Our staff has comprehensive knowledge of law, technology and business. This helps us to understand our customers´ problems and create solutions for them. In addition to this, we have partners that have even wider skills in business, technology and industry. 



We offer law services everywhere in  Finland. Our offices are located in Oulu, Kuopio and Rovaniemi, but many of our customers are located outside those regions. 

We specialise in business law, consulting, tax law, environmental law, IT law and EU law. 

We do also offer audit services




We offer a wide range of services for businesses. These services include e.g. contracts, tax, environment, administration and due diligence.


We offer litigation services in all courts in Finland. We also offer arbitration services.


We have experience in contract negotiations and drafting contracts. We can design a contract suitable for your needs depending on the issue, interests and value of the case. 

Auditing services

We do also offer auditing services. We can provide several auditing services, for example, yearly audits, special audits of the bankruptcy estate, audit opinions on debt restructuring applications, audit opinions required on company restructuring, special audits for all kinds of companies


Our tax services cover businesses and individuals. We can also help you with communicating with tax officials. Company tax planning is one of our main specializations. 


We help employees and employers with employment and employment regulation disputes. 


We offer services in several operations related to environmental law. We have experience, for example, in environmental permits and appealing them and analysing laws related to planned projects. 


We have given plenty of expert opinions to public and private sector actors on legal issues. Dr. Eelis Paukku, who works at our office, has published dozens of academic studies in the field of law and has been asked as an expert to comment on various challenging legal issues. You can find Pauku's list of publications here.


To whom?

​We offer services to companies of all sizes. Some of our services are also available for private individuals. Our offices are located in Helsinki, Kuopio, Oulu and Rovaniemi. We handle assignments throughout Finland according to the agreement.

We offer help to companies related to different phases of business life, regardless of company size or industry. Our goal is to offer all the legal services a company needs. We also offer expertise related to the company's financial information, such as company valuation for the sale of the company or corporate restructuring. We also advise buyers and sellers in various roles in business arrangements.

In addition to this, we offer a wide range of different legal services. We handle a wide variety of trials in criminal and litigation matters. In addition to this, we offer legal expert services according to the specialization of our lawyers, e.g. from the fields of environmental law, public procurement, IT law, housing corporations and labor law.

Our goal is to offer expert services throughout the country. For this reason, we have an extensive network of offices and we employ lawyers from all over the country. With us, your case is always handled by a lawyer specialized in it, regardless of the geographical location of the client or the lawyer. Our offices are located in Helsinki, Oulu, Kuopio and Rovaniemi. We have customers from Utsjoki to the capital region.

A significant part of business life takes place in the capital. That's why we're there too. Our office in Helsinki is located opposite the train station at Kaivokatu 10 A.

Oulu is the largest city in Northern Finland, with a lively business life. In addition to the district court, the administrative court is located in Oulu. In Oulu, there is a significant amount of demand, especially for corporate legal services. Our office in Oulu is located in Linnanmaa at Teknologiantie 1.

Rovaniemi is home to both the District Court and the Court of Appeal, as well as several government agencies. In order to be even better at serving local needs as a law firm in Rovaniemi, we opened an office in Rovaniemi at the beginning of 2019 at Kansankatu 10.

Today, a significant part of our customers are in the economic region of Pohjois-Savo, which is why we opened an office in Kuopio in 2022. Our office is located at Aseveljenkatu 4.

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OTT Eelis Paukku
Eelis Paukku
Doctor of laws, certified public auditor
MSc (Management accounting)
MSc (industrial engineering and management)
OTM, FM Essi Puhakainen
Essi Puhakainen
LL.M, MSc (computer science), CBM 

Tel: +358 44 9755 196

OTM Julia Sieppi
Julia Sieppi

Tel: +358 50 5300 152

Tel: +358 50 533 8295

OTM Matias Partanen
Matias Partanen
LL.M with court training

Puh: 040 5103 479

ON Iiris Waltari
Iiris Waltari

Tel: 050 5513 013



KPF Group Oy
Company ID: 29257336

KPF consulting Oy

Lakitoimisto KPF

We only receive paper post on the Oulu office.


Teknologiantie 18 B,
90590 Oulu


Kaivokatu 10 A, 7.floor, office 741,

00100 Helsinki



Aseveljenkatu 4, office 37-38,
70620 Kuopio 


Kansankatu 10, office 7, 96100 Rovaniemi

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