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Ensuring the quality of our services

Professional skills

  • A lawyer (LL.M/LL.D.) is appointed to each mandate. The lawyer has the responsibility of the mandate. Also, other lawyers or assistants work with the mandate, if needed.

Quality control

  • In each mandate, in addition to the lawyer, there is also an employee working with the mandate which is appointed to ensure the quality of the work. Also, a person who has a degree in industrial engineering and management who develops the quality policy and continuing development of the quality of our services.


  • Our employees have a good command of Finnish and English. We can also provide service in Swedish and German (written and spoken, basic level) and Russian (passably). To ensure the quality of our documents, we have a separate quality project, which ensures the high quality of contents and appearance of documents. One of our employees is a person who has a degree in communications from a polytechnic school. He ensures that the presentation and appearance of our reports and other communication are of high quality. 

Scientific know-how and continuing education of professional skills

  • Our lawyers are professionals in their field of specification. They have published significant numbers of peer-reviewed scientific papers on their fields. A significant per cent of our staff has done the research for a doctoral thesis or other post-graduation research. By this, we ensure that we have the latest information in our field and also to ensure our ability to produce beneficial information for the society that stems from our experience in the legal field.

Wide variety of skills

  •  Our lawyers are highly educated: we have law degrees (LL.M. or LL.D.) and some also the following degrees: MSc (economics), MSc (industrial engineering and management), BBA (business administration) and BBA (culture and arts). With this, we ensure our ability for the multidisciplinary understanding of companies and this way we can provide the best service for our clients. In addition to legal services, we offer consulting.

Collaboration and networks

  • We work tightly in collaboration with a consulting company Macon Oy. With Macon, we can offer technical and business services significantly broader than the others in the legal field. In our projects that we do together, we also gain synergy benefits and are able to solve our clients’ problems more efficiently and more economically than the more traditional practitioners in the legal field. Read more about the collaboration from here

Risk management

  • Our company has insurance to protect our clients from financial losses. We upkeep the insurance constantly so that its maximum compensation covers our most significant mandates and possible liabilities that may arise from them. We also inform the clients about the risks and operations of their mandates as objectively as possible. A person who has earned their degree in industrial engineering and management (MSc) answers for our risk management policy and services.

Criminal cases

We have expertise in helping the defendant and plaintiff in criminal cases.  We have lawyers specialized for crimes including violence crimes.  We are also one of few law firms providing services for different economic offences.

In criminal cases we provide our services through the whole process starting from interrogation and ending with the court hearing and potential appeal. We can also provide our services for only part of this process, if needed or provide help for calculating damages caused by the crime.


Terms and conditions

  • A lawyer will be appointed to the case. They will be responsible for handling the case. Other lawyers and assistants may also work with the case.

  • If the client cancels the mandate, they are responsible for the costs already arisen.

  • We follow the ethical guidelines for licenced legal counsels. Guidelines in Finnish here.

  • The client is responsible for giving correct information. In the case of giving incorrect information on purpose, KPF can terminate the mandate.

  • The client commits to assist in working with the case. If the client is passive, and that makes it challenging to work with the case, KPF can terminate the mandate.

  • If the mandate is cancelled or terminated due to the behaviour of the client, the client is liable for the costs already arisen.

  • We collect the following information of the client to our register of mandates:

  • Companies: company name, business ID and contact information

  • Private clients: name, social security number and contact information

  • We store the information electronically. The information is used during working with the mandate to interact with the client and to identify the client. After the work is finished, the information is stored for preventing possible disqualifications.

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