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OTT, KHT Eelis Paukku

Eelis Paukku

Lawyer, CEO

J.D, MSc (industrial engineering and management), MSc (Management accounting), auditor (KHT)

Eelis has a Doctor of Law, Master of Economics and Master of Science in Industrial Engineering. He is also an authorized public accountant. He has been a lawyer and the CEO from the beginning.


On 24.1.2020, Eelis defended his doctoral thesis and became Finland's youngest Doctor of Laws. The subject of the thesis was state aid, and he discussed the subject through EU law, commercial law and environmental law. He has also written numerous academic and peer-reviewed legal articles, the number being over 40. Some of these articles have been published in distinguished international publications. Eelis mainly researches environmental law, criminal law, tax law, commercial law and legal economics, but he has also published in other fields of law, for example, criminal law and sports law. You can familiarize yourself with Eelis' publications here.


Eelis is also an authorized public accountant, and he has years of experience in auditing, special audits of accounts and special audits. He has also performed numerous Due Diligence audits and given auditors' statements for liquidators, for example. Eelis has also assisted clients in civil and criminal cases requiring special tax law and accounting knowledge.


Eelis has given lectures on tax law, environmental law, and family law at the University of Lapland. His Master's degrees in Industrial Engineering and Economics enable him to understand our clients' domains better and broader. During these studies, he focused on software engineering, environmental engineering, economics, product management and data analytics. Eelis is writing a Doctoral Thesis on accounting at the University of Vaasa.


In addition to working as a lawyer in Lakitoimisto KPF, Eelis acts as a board professional in numerous companies. In these companies, Eelis' responsibilities are legal matters, developing strategy, product quality, and internal accounting. These companies function in various fields, and Eelis has gained a strong understanding of different fields of business while being a board professional.


Eelis' consultation experience consists mainly of accounting matters and advising on environmental and tax law. The calculator demanding tasks include, for example, calculating the profitability of different projects, expected cash flow and modelling of business activities.


The most significant reference cases Eelis has in environmental law. He has been in charge of numerous cases on public procurement, environmental permits and other matters, and the biggest client has been Fortum Oyj. Eelis also has other reference cases valued in tens of millions when the values are combined. The reference clients have appreciated Eelis' skills in handling legal matters while keeping the client's business targets in mind and Eelis' understanding of technology and financial viewpoints. Due to his educational background and working experience, Eelis' other strengths are related especially to business law, such as acquisitions, financing, business contracts, tax law, and accounting law.  


In organizational activities, Eelis has acted as a member of the Legal policy committee of The Association of Finnish Lawyers and as a student member of the Trade Union for Academic Engineers and Architects policy committees. Since 2022 he has acted as a member of the Disciplinary committee for ethical issues of the Olympic Committee. In addition to practising sports law, Eelis also does sports himself, as he has achieved a black belt in two martial arts and also competed in judo at the national championship level.


Eelis' working languages are Finnish and English. He also understands Swedish and German.

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Contact information

Tel. +358 44 9755 196

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