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Iiris Waltari
Iiris Waltari

Iiris Waltari

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LL.B, legalized real estate broker (LKV)

Iiris is a third-year law student at the University of Lapland and is currently working on her bachelor’s thesis in tax law. Her thesis will focus on value-added tax, specifically from the perspective of registration for VAT for the transfer of usufructuary rights over real estate.


With previous experience in the field of real estate brokerage and having obtained a legalized real estate broker qualification (LKV), Iiris has a versatile understanding of real estate law. Iiris has drafted dozens of lease agreements and assisted clients with various rental and real estate-related inquiries.


In her studies, Iiris has concentrated on real estate law and dispute resolution, and she also has an interest in tax and financial law. Her experience in the real estate field has provided her with skills and capabilities for working in the field of contractual law.


Iiris is currently assisting the lawyers at the KPF law firm on a wide variety of different assignments and tasks.

Contact information

Tel: +358 50 5513 013

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