Legal services for fixed price

With KPF  monthly services you know in advance how much your legal services will cost in the future. This makes budgeting easier and removes surprising costs.

Many legal questions are left unanswered as the treshold to ask from lawyer is often quite high. When using monthly services, treshold to ask questions is low as the service is paid in advance. This means that you can get legal services when needed.

Service with low treshold

Key terms

Our montly services cover certain number of hours in month, paid in advance. The service is billed monthly. You can save the paid hours to use them in later. It is also possible to use some number of hours beforehand, if agreed. The content of services is agreed beforehand. 

In montly service you will be given a contact person who you can contact with your legal questions. The contact person makes it easy and fast to get your legal needs met. Our monthly service customers are top priority when scheduling service production.

Services when you need them

Our monthly services are cheaper than our hourly-based services. We also sell extra work to our montly customers cheaper than to other customers.

Cost-efficient legal servies


Our customers have been satisfied with the service. They have stated that the services are professionally producued, easy to use and cost-efficient. Some of our reference customers:

- Buutti Oy


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