Eelis Paukku

Lawyer, CEO

J.D, BSc (industrial engineering and management), MSc (Management accounting)

Eelis is Doctor of laws specialized in business law, environmental law and tax law. In addition to this Eelis is Bachelor of Science in industrial engineering and management. He is still completing Master of Science (technology, industrial engineering and management) and has completed Master of Sciene (economics, management accounting). In addition to his work at KPF he has completed doctoral thesis in law, focusing on state aid law. 

Eelis has previous  working experience in teaching at university of Lapland: he has taught business law, tax law, environmental law and inheritance law. Eelis has previous work experice from accounting and taxation in auditing firm. 

Eelis is specialist in business law due to his wide skillset. He is mainly specialised in creating business solutions to problems that involve several fields of law and analysing profitability of different solutions. 

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Contact information

Tel. 044 9755 196


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